How Many Chinese Speak English?

English Assessment In China

The English language plays a major part in China as China is growing in power and global influence. The importance of English as a communicative tool in terms of Education and Career development escalated.

Current population: 1.35 billion (second only to Chinese), number of English speakers: 400 million,言語.UN.話, 421 million (no. 3 with 100million 1群nihagoans) 245 million(user)naitibe, 50 million)(Syntax)naiロポamentniして.

There are an estimated 200 to 350 million English-speaking Chinese people. These numbers reflect the worst conversational language ability to complete fluency. The considerable range in these figures is due to differences in level of proficiency and the way in which English language skills were measured, among other factors, in each of the studies and surveys.

English Education in Schools

In China, where English language education starts from the third-grade of primary school and continues through to secondary education, the impetus is at the very least on equal ground. This broad education policy makes sure for most young people at least 9 years of English are offered.

English Proficiency Differs by Region

English fluency in China is hit or miss, since it is such a large place with such a massive population. English speakers are also in far greater supply in urban areas, particularly in eastern and southern coastal cities such as Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou. This is due to improved schools, more exposure to international business and a higher number of international schools.

Using English in Business and Tourism

English has been adopted as the lingua franca in the business world, especially in multinational corporations and in the field of international trade. In addition, in the tourism sector, a working knowledge of English is needed to communicate, because we have lot of people working in tourism and at least they are speaking English in the level which is needed to meet the needs of the tourists.

Efforts to Improve Proficiency in English

To meet the demand, the Chinese government as well as private schools have doubled down on investments in English, as it is a critical language of trade and diplomacy. Including teacher training, raising the bar of curriculum standards, and utilizing media/technology to promote language acquisition.

Impact of Globalization

Globalisation of the Chinese economy and greater numbers of Chinese studying overseas has also helped with the increase in English skills. In many cases this extends to the ability to work in global markets where success can often hinge on how well you speak English, or to study at an overseas university in a system that is likely to be taught in English.

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